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Tenveo cloud

Tenveo cloud is an effcient,convenient and low cost video conference software.
It provides you both audio and video calls as well as lastest presentations, documents or video lips sharing quickly around the globe after log in by laptop or mobile device.

  • Low cost
  • Simple and easy to use
  • High security
  • Million people concurrently

HD audio and video

Based on its ultra-high-definition 1080p video and crystal-clear audio quality, Tenveo cloud provides you with a real video conferencing experience, making it easier to have virtual meetings like face to face conversations

Fast data sharing

Using the screen sharing software, you can share your latest presentations, documents or video clips and get everyone on the same page with no need to refer to their manual documents or look for information elsewhere.

Multiple ways of interacting

Multiple identity rights such as public chat, private chat, hand-to-talk and many other chat methods. Text, voice and video, multiple communication channels.

Rich conference management features

Multi-level conference management authority, conference recording, conference name, conference subtitles, conference tour, etc. Let the network video conference be like the live field conference

Full platform operation

enables people to enjoy great video conferencing experience from Windows, Mac, Browser, Android or iPhone/iPad with anyone from anywhere easily.

Seamless integration of hardware and software

Tenveo video cameras, speakerphones and terminals have been seamlessly implemented with Tenveo cloud. It gives us more choices while using.

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