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Sales representative

Job requirements: 

1. University students, Bachelor degree or above;

2. Frequent English both in speaking and writing;

3. Well known of excel, PPT and other Microsoft software;

4. Ability to work collaboratively with teams with good communication and presentation skills;
5. Motivation and capability for self-learning is highly regarded;

6. Diligent, good communication skills, open-minded, sense of responsibility,Reliable and conscientious.


Technical engineer

Job requirements: 

1. At least 2 years working experience in server project development; 

2. Proficient in C + programming, familiar with STL library or WIN32 programming; 

3. Be familiar with multithreading programming and have rich experience in server development and access;

4. Familiar with the knowledge of TCP/IP protocol; 

5. Familiar with the knowledge of database development; 

6. Good algorithm and data structure foundation; 

7. Have video surveillance, video conference industry background is preferred; 

8. Experience in P2P project development is preferred.

If you are interested in joining us, please send your resume to sherry@tenveo.com. 

Fresh graduates are welcome!


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