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Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Hospital Telemedicine Center teamed up with good medical friends to jointly hold the "China-US Remote Video Consultation" campaign on the topic of "cancer cancer". Hospital Cancer Center Yang Zhe, Dr. Fu Guobin, Dr. Dai Honghai, Dr. Ding Xiao, Director of the Guangdong Telemedicine Center, Zhang Xiyu, and many other doctors attended the event, and the US “Precise Cancer Medicine” experts from the Medical Network Dr. Nader Javadi (MD) conducted an in-depth academic discussion on "multiple metastases after right lung cancer surgery."


The event relies on the seamless integration of medical resources between China and the United States to promote long-term cross-border cooperation between Chinese and American medical care, so that domestic patients can “face to face” with American medical experts without going abroad, enjoying American medical care at home and experiencing high-end nationalization. Medical services, while building an efficient and convenient interactive platform for clinical, scientific research and academic exchanges between Chinese and American doctors and hospitals. The realization of all functions requires a comprehensive and open medical video platform, and the China-US video consultation platform was deployed by Guangdong Video.


Going to the cloud


Mobile Internet is the future trend. Tenveo telemedicine video system realizes the perfect combination of medical institutions and the Internet, transforms the health service model, and quickly covers the county and community hospitals with the ability of the Internet to extend indefinitely, and gradually realizes the “highway” type of the medical industry. development of.


Application scenario:


Remote consultation, remote consultation, expert consultation, doctor-patient communication


The remote consultation will connect all levels of medical units. For medical units, Tenveo video telemedicine solutions can achieve high-level medical resources docking. Experts can realize remote high-definition interactive consultations and remote patient data calls only through telemedicine video system. Multi-purpose functions, reducing costs and improving medical care.


Remote monitoring remote visit health care health consultation


Tenveo's video televised care solution, with remote health monitoring, allows patients with limited mobility or mobility to connect to the doctor's care service without leaving home. Any mobile terminal and network of medical staff provides in-depth remote consultation care by understanding the patient's latest health status.


Mobile rounds mobile consultation


Tenveo video mobile ward rounds, consultation solutions, mobile ward doctors can get patient information anytime, anywhere, and can make information seamlessly connected, no matter where the doctor goes, at any point, you can get data at any time. Move the doctor's work to the bedside, and then share the doctor more time and wisdom to more peoples.


Surgery teaching remote training


Telemedicine enables real-time live broadcast of high-definition images, simultaneous recording and on-demand. Surgery process videos, medical instrument videos, physicians' audio and other audio and video sources in the operating room are simultaneously encoded and transmitted, providing the students and doctors in the classroom, the office and the doctors with an immersive experience.

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