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Author: Tenveo Release time: 2019-01-15

The use of high-definition teleconferencing systems has a very good effect on off-site cooperation, business trips, and information transmission. Enterprises hope to maximize video quality. With the continuous improvement of processing technology and the emergence of new standard display technologies, the resolution of Tenveo video images that enterprises can obtain in existing video conferencing systems is now nearly 10 times higher than before. 


The new Tenveo system that delivers high-definition video quality delivers an immersive experience that greatly enhances meeting efficiency and quality. At the same time, the plug-and-play functionality and simple control features of HD video conferencing equipment are equally important to video conferencing users.

The predecessor of the video conferencing system is the TV telephone system, which relies on the cable TV system, and can also transmit the TV signal using microwave. However, since the video signal does not compress and will occupy a large bandwidth, too many channels cannot be transmitted, and long-distance transmission also causes loss of video signal and affects the sharpness of the image.


With the development of digital technology, the video signal using digital video compression greatly reduces the bandwidth occupation, provides more channels, and realizes the error correction function of digital video decoding, which can restore images with almost no distortion. The continuous rise in oil prices has brought a lot of pressure on enterprises. High oil prices not only make it difficult for large oil companies such as transportation, transportation and logistics, but also many commercial enterprises will face considerable pressure. Tenveo video conference solutions can greatly reduce expenses, reduce business operating costs, and improve efficiency, which are manifested in these aspects:


1.Remote video conferencing function can eliminate time and space differences, realize remote communication anytime and anywhere, and bid farewell to the cumbersome traditional conference mode.


2.The high-definition teleconferencing system can replace the flow of personnel through the Internet, realize the steady transmission of video and sound images, and achieve the purpose of efficient interaction of remote information, so that it is possible to travel without travel.


3.Using video conferencing to optimize the enterprise information communication mode can speed up the information transmission, shorten the decision cycle and execution cycle, reduce the time cost, and save the cost of internal training, recruitment, meetings, etc.


4.After the application of high-definition teleconferencing system, while increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, it can also improve the overall operational efficiency of the enterprise, reduce travel expenses, communication fees and other expenses, and achieve green office, so that enterprises do not have to suffer from high oil prices.

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